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Shop Now Rogue Fitness
[ROGUE] Whether you need a rig for your box, a squat rack for your home gym, a tank for your next competition, Kettle Bells for your office, or a collar for your pup, Rogue has you covered.

Remember, 3 ships free!

[WOD NATION] Got double unders?  Grab a speed jump rope from Wod Nation.    Add muscle floss to your cart for sore elbows and a resistance band for more mobility!

How I learned DU’s and Hand-Stands!

[RXsmartgear] I purchased my first CrossFit Jump Rope from RXsmartgear.  My coaches taught me a trick to finding the right length for you.  Here’s how: place the jump rope under the middle of your shoe.  Stretch the rope up evenly to where both handles are equally matched at height.  The top of the handles should be just above your armpit.  Since I’m about 5’5″, but jump rope needs to fit someone that’s 5’7″.  I like Rxsmartgear because they create quality products and I prefer that kind of handle. Plus, as you get better with your DU’s you can just upgrade the rope type and keep the same handles.

Thanks for the tip, CrossFit Sworn Coaches!

[ProSource] ProSource offers foam rollers for mobility, resistance bands, and yoga supplies to help you keep up your fitness routines!  Check out their Cross-Training gear.

Mobility is important for injury prevention, stretching, and muscle optimization.  Stretching and foam rolling is something you have to practice just as much as any other exercise.

[MPG] Need a Fitness apparel make-over?  Get the look like Julianne Hough!  I really like her open tanks because of the high neckline.  I like to be completely covered whenI’m working out so I don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions.  How about you?


[The Art of Living] by Bob Proctor

My grandpa sent me this book in the mail and I absolutely love it.  In The Art of Living, Proctor teaches prosperity.  If you want to learn how to obtain whatever it is that you want in life, how to erase negative thinking patterns, and how to arrange your work for maximum effectiveness; you should read this book!

Thanks, Dann! 

[Boundaries] When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by John Townsend and Henry Cloud.

Now I’m practicing when to say yes and how to say no.  It’s freeing really.  I feel confident that I won’t be guilted into any decision any more.  This is not only beneficial for me- but also for those around me. If I choose to give my time, energy, resources, money- they won’t have to worry that I’ll be regretful later.

Read my review of Boundaries here.

[Reinvention Roadmap] by Liz Ryan

Learn how to get the job and career you want and deserve with this fun, inspirational read.  You’ll learn how to brand yourself, how to create a human-voiced resume, and how to run your career like a business.

Read my full book review here:  Reinvention Roadmap.

Thanks for a great book, Stephanie!



Tools to Save Money and Make More Money so You Can Fund Your Life Passions

[Digital Antenna: Free TV] Save average $100/month by canceling cable! 

I’ve saved $6,300 in 5 years by simply not having cable- and I still have great tv shows I can watch.  It’s all possible with a Digital Antenna.  

[AirBnB] Side-Hustle at Home

My long-time friend, Alyssa has used AirBnB to travel the world and she recommends it!  She has met some really cool people and shared in unique experiences while staying with others this way.  

Check out what Alyssa has to say about AirBNB in this exclusive interview

[Coupon] with BargainBriana

Briana Provides an Entire Coupon Database, Frugal Map, Coupon Match-Ups, Online Deals, Printables, and more so you can save some mula!  The more you save here, the more money that’s freed up to spend elsewhere.

Start today!

[The Scholarship System] High School Juniors, you CAN earn a scholarship! Learn proven strategies to find and secure college scholarships at any level.

Learn 4 College Search Strategies Revealed here!





[Canva] Are images your issue? Try Canva!  It’s great because you can create your own images and use professional designs for free!  Upgrade to the magic re-sizer for optimal pixels on every channel using the same design.  This can save you time & money on your graphic designs!

[Pinterest] Pinterest is the ultimate vision board and it’s my favorite social media platform right now.  I love it.  I’m currently pinning on 32 boards and 5 group boards.  If you ever see giant images in my posts, that’s one of my Pinterest images that I probably created in Canva.

Learn how I grew my monthy Pinterest views to more than 7.2k in 4 short months!

Thanks for the Pinterest strategies, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and Tracie Fobes! 

[Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing] Learn How to Earn More $$ Online

If you have a website and you are a fan of certain brands, did you know those brands will pay you to promote those products to your friends?  Take, a fitness site for example.  The fitness site owner really loves xyz brand.  The owner tells all his friends how much he really loves xyz brand and he already posts pictures on his social media about xyz brand.  Well, this poor guy may be leaving money on the table!  He could get paid to recommend the same products he’s already recommending and by doing the same stuff he’s already doing online.

Join the class to learn how Michelle makes over $100k per month on her blog.

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