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CrossFit Metcons are a form of CrossFit-style training, metabolic conditioning.  I have been doing CrossFit for two years and I love it!  Anyone can do CrossFit since everything can be scaled.  If you’re a CrossFit athlete or want to be one- these posts are for you!    

3 Body-Weight Exercises You Should Be Doing Daily

Whether you’re thinking about doing CrossFit, in an on-ramp program, or you’re an experienced CrossFitter, you should be doing these three body-weight exercises every day.  They require zero equipment and little time.

1. Air Squats

Air Squats in CrossFit are simply Squats without any weight.  You can do them at home, at work, or at play. In CrossFit, it’s recommended that your squats go below parallel.  Think of it as sitting in a chair or riding a horse.  Lower your body down slowly and push your rear out as if reaching for a seat.  To stand back up, drive through your heels and return to a complete standing position.

Daily Dose: 3 Sets of 10 Air Squats

2. Push Ups

Push ups help build upper body strength.  In CrossFIt, we do hand-release pushups.  You’ll lower your body all the way flat on the ground, lift both hands in the air, then push-up.  Gymnasts often do these kinds of push-ups.  By doing hand-release push-ups you’ll target your chest muscles rather than putting the pressure on your shoulders.   Keep your body rigid and avoid doing any type of ‘worm’ wiggle.

Daily Dose: 3 Sets of 10 Push-Ups

3. Sit-Ups

Sit-Ups help build your core muscles.  At first they will seem really difficult but after a while you’ll start building up strength and you’ll be able to ‘rep them out’ easier and easier.  In CrossFit, we do ab-mat sit-ups.  Place an Ab Mat on the low of your back.  Put the soles of your feet together, knees out, like a butterfly sit-up.  Slowly lower yourself down on the ab-mat, and throw both hands up above your head.  Your finger tips should touch the floor above your head.  Then use your core (abs) and arms to quickly sit up.  Throw your finger tips directly from the floor above your head to the tips of your toes for full range of motion.  Like I mentioned early, the more you do these, the easier they will be to do.
Daily Does: 3 Sets of 25 Sit-Ups



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