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What’s a vision board?

A vision board is a visual representation of your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals.  It’s the future vision that you want to one day achieve.  Most vision boards are made up of images, quotes, phrases, words, and symbols that mean something to the creator.  Those images symbolically represent something important; something the creator is emotionally invested in and something the creator wants to become a reality.  

Let yourself dream a for a minute.  

If you could have peace in both your personal and professional lives, what would that look like?  

create a vision board using these 4 fun and EASY steps!

  1. Review your Goals: Personal & Professional
  2. Choose a Medium:   Pinterest  /  Bulletin Board  / Other
  3. Gather Supplies: Images, magazine pictures, letters, shapes, decor
  4. Create!

Stuck?  Find Out what you really want!  Ideas:

  • Money – Want to be debt-free?  Worry Free?
  • Want to live in a cabin the mountains?
  • Vacation in a beach cottage?
  • Prefer to meticulously plan and build your dream home in a quiet neighborhood?
  • Who will be with you?  Family, children, friends, pets?
  • How do you want the world to see you?
  • How do you want to see yourself?
  • How would you spend your time if you were absolutely free to choose?
  • What will keep you moving forward through the dark days?

Vision boards change as life changes

Vision boards aren’t permanent.  They’re ever-changing with your interests.  You can start with just a few meaningful images, favorite quotes or phrases, and symbols that mean something to you right now.  Build when you feel inspired.  Modify when you make moves.  Keep dreaming.  Keep growing.  

Finally, post your vision board where you can see it every single day.  As Bob Proctor would say, “your thoughts attract everything.”  Think good things and good things will happen.  See your vision every day. Work for it every day.  Make your vision become your reality. Then create again…

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Where did this idea come from?

I first heard about Vision Boards from Oprah, then read about them here and there in self-help books and online articles.   I’ve seen vision board inspiration floating around a lot lately.  I have created vision boards before with magazine cutouts and color construction paper.  My most recent vision board looks something like this, Vision Shared and I’m always working on my next vision board.  It’s all fun.  

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