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This week I have been extremely busy building several important changes in my life right now.   I am currently attempting to move 800+ miles away, find meaningful work, meet new people, build my business, and somehow stay healthy through it all.

How’s It’s Going

Right now I would say it’s going well.  Ask me in 5 minutes and I may be very upset and say it’s not going well.  It has definitely been a rollercoaster already.

Change is hard.  It’s scary.

We (my 3 lab pups and I) spent all last week in the new location and literally I changed my mind every, single, day.

Why I’m Not Sure

I’m not sure because what’s known and comfortable seems safer than risking it all and trying something new.  In reality, the ‘safe’ comfortable, misery is pretty risky too.

I know the safe, comfortable, misery and I know I don’t want to continue to live that way.

So why can’t I make the leap?

Inner Conflicts

I’m worried I’ll make the ‘wrong’ decision.  I’m worried I won’t be happier in a new position.  Worried I’ll miss family and my friends.

But then I’m also excited about the possibility to go out and learn new things, meet new people, build a new career path.

I guess the unknown is what I fear the most.

And the decision making.  I will have my mind made up one day and completely change it the next.

Outside Influence

Another reason I’m dragging my feet is because of outside influence.  My friends and family worry about me.  They say things like “why don’t you just… go back to what you were doing?”  (because that made me miserable?!)

Or some have said- WHY would you want to move there?!  (awkward, like I haven’t thought about it and thanks for adding to my worries)

Some throw in other options- like Texas, Arizona, North Carolina. (confusing)

I get it, you all have ideas and I do too.  Neither of us are right.

I know these outside influences just mean well, but I think they may be fogging up my focus.  I am going to have to do some serious focus work to figure out what I WANT.

So… I’ll Focus on Building Something Great, Today.

My goal this week is to focus on building something great, Today.  I will start where I am, do what I know, and use what I have.  It may be scary to go try something totally new and risk looking like a fool, but I’m not afraid to be a beginner.

I’m not looking back, because I’m not going that direction.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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