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“To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Start Where You Are

Starting where you are means starting today no matter what you have going on.  The start may not be pretty, but it’s a start.

If you want to workout and eat healthy, start today instead of planning for the ‘elusive tomorrow.’

The ‘elusive tomorrow’ is the space where we think things will happen.  We say stuff like, “I’ll start working out when I have more time.”  Or “I’ll start my new diet on Monday.”

It’s okay to make a plan, but sometimes we get lost in the ‘elusive tomorrow’ – putting off things that matter to us until the timing is ‘just right.’

But what if the timing is never ‘just right’? Can you risk it?

Workout today.  Eat some veggies.

Just start where you are.

Until you’re somewhere new.

Use What You Have

Instead of going shopping for fancy new shoes, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and a gym bag, just use what you have. Old shoes, socks with holes, a big tshirt… whatever you have- you can workout in it.

If you have equipment use it.

If you have workout dvds you enjoy- push play!

No equipment? No problem, Go for a walk or run outside. Do body weight exercises.

Use what you have.

Same for your new or refreshed diet attempts.  Instead of researching healthy food diets and running out to load your cart with paleo, keto, macro ingredients.  Instead of stuffing your freezer full of chicken and fish (well that may be a good idea), just make a healthy meal now with what you already have in your house.

Track portion sizes of the food you have until your next grocery trip when you can stock up on all that good stuff!

Use what you have.

Until you have more to use.

Do What You Can

When you’re starting or re-starting a fitness and diet routine it’s important to do what you can.  You don’t want to do so much on the first day that you can’t move the next day.

You definitely don’t want to injure yourself either.  An injury can set you back weeks.

Focus on creating small new habits.

Make it your goal to string two, three, four days together of working out.

String two, three, four, healthy meals together.

Just do what you can.

Until can you do better.

To Achieve Greatness

Don’t let anyone fool you that has accomplished anything of any significance; to achieve ‘greatness’ they worked very hard to get to the point they are at now.

They started somewhere, they used what they had, they did what they could.

Then, as things got better they repeated the process; starting in a better place, using better stuff, and doing what they can, more powerfully.

Keep refreshing this mentality and piecing together your efforts, and you’ll ‘get there.’

You can do this!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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