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This is my most recent Income Report and Blogging goals!

My January 2017 – June 2017 Blog Income Report

Additional Discliamer: I’m a student of Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course.  In the course, she explains the importance of Blog Income Reports.  This is my first one, so please be nice. 🙂

If you’re new to Mind over Metcon, you may be wondering why in the world I would share this information.  I was hesitant to do so at first, but since I started this blog to help others, I see no reason in being evasive. If my story can inspire even one person to see a solution in finances, health, fitness, or just… life, then my mission will be accomplished.  

If you aren’t new to Mind over Metcon or you are familiar with income reports, you can just skip ahead, nibbies 😉

I am publicly posting this income report (my first one) to bring more transparency to my blog and to show you that there are many ways to make extra money online and in ‘real life’ too.  So here it is:

Business Story: The Beginning

  1. After years of hesitation, I launched this blog in January 2017.  At the time I was still employed as a teacher.  Although I loved the students dearly and had a very comfortable position, I knew I needed more from my work life and I knew I had to expand my reach.  So at 3AM on a Tuesday, I launched Mind over Metcon.  I spent countless hours before and after school obsessing over blog strategies and details.  It was work, but so much fun.  I felt excited about life again.
  2. I finished the school year and I’m now able to work on my blog full-time. It’s awesome!  This is rather quick to ‘quit’ my full income source, but I knew I had to leave that position regardless of whether or not I started a business.  I’m currently exploring other adventures.  My family and friends seem very panicked about my decisions, but I am confident that I will find meaningful in the near future while still growing my blog (and moving to the beach!).  
  3. I’m a full time MBA Marketing Student at CSU Orange Beach! 
  4. Passion is something that I have been lacking in my career and personal life.  I am an emotional being, but I have learned all too well to hide any sort of emotions and to keep my interests to myself (where they are safe).  With the passion funded series, I am working to uncover and share things that I’m passionate about, explore more, and learn what motivates others.  In the process I will aim to find ways we can ‘fund’ these passions and interests.  I invite you to join me!

I’m Having Fun!

I haven’t been sleeping because I’m so excited about this blog.  I should be at the pool reading shape magazine, but instead I’m working on (several) exciting projects – and I’m barely making any money!  It’s fine; I’m having fun!  “You (I) can imagine myself right into the good that I desire!” –Proctor    

These are just a few reasons why I wanted to start a business.  I hope the reasons above will help you understand why I am sharing this income report, but if not that’s okay…

(“only the people that ‘get’ me deserve me” – Reinvention Roadmap).  

So you want to start a Fitness Blog?!  Let’s do this!

How is blogging business so far?  

January – June 2017 (my first 6 months)

Business Accomplishments first 6 months:

  • I haven’t put a lot of money into my business yet, but one thing I always struggled with and never felt like I understood were affiliate links.  I understood Amazon links, but all the rest seemed really confusing to me.  Thankfully, I found this awesome class and classmates that have been extremely supportive and motivating.  The course is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.  I’m not a pro, but I finished the class and keep the class bookmarked to refer back to when I have questions. My classmates in the Facebook group are helpful too.  So i spent $197 for this course and it was worth every penny!
  • I made over $3,000 Selling Stuff I wasn’t using on Facebook Marketplace.  
  • I saved $1280 on my cell phone plan this year by switching my cell provider.  
  • These Pinterest Strategies are working for me so far.  My monthly views are up to 14.2k with 271 followers.  Pin with me!  I’m hooked.   
  • I have interviewed several awesome people including:
  • Landed my first 3 gigs with Fresh Press Media
  • I made it to watch the CrossFit Regionals in Nashville – SO COOL.  
  • I am currently collaborating with several Fitness Affiliates Including:
    • ROGUE
    • Progenex
    • MPG Sport
    • ProSource
  • I am working on projects with my Media Team
  • Created my Media Kit!  Ugh, what a headache!  But cool.
  • Partnered with the Scholarship System LLC and Interviewed the owner, Jocelyn!
  • Have connected to several blogging networks and launched my own small but awesome CrossFit Network, Metcon Influencers.  
  • Created blog post templates so I can get things going faster!  
  • Created Pinterest Board Covers
  • I made my first Amazon FBA sale this week (not including textbook sales from college; That was SO yesterday.)  
  • I figured out Tailwind and Hoosuite but haven’t made a commitment to either and I haven’t tried BoardBooster.   Thoughts?! 
  • I LOVE CANVA for graphics. Life saver.  
  • My Recommendations page is LIVE!  I will keep building it from there.

Current Projects I am working on for next month:

  • Email Marketing wtf, man.  This stuff is so hard.  I want to use convertkit, but I currently use MailerLite because it’s free and easy- but I’d rather keep working on other stuff.  **I am currently accepting free advice on email marketing 🙂
  • Interviews with more awesome people
  • Content Posts Including: More Passion Funded Ideas, Workouts, Mobility, Puppy Stuff
  • Product Review Posts
  • Create a Product?  I’m on the fence about that.
  • Create a Pinterest Group Board for CrossFit / Fitness Influencers
  • Adding Images to each recommendation category
  • Move to the Beach.

MindoverMetcon Blog Income

  • Affiliate Marketing: $0.73
  • Sponsored Content: $100.00
  • Sponsored Product: TNT, OdorKlenz, Born Primitive Sample

MindoverMetcon Blog Expenses

  • BlueHost host & Domain $300/yr
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course $197
  • Customizr Pro Theme: $50
  • LegalZoom LLC Fees ~$300
  • Misc. Fees ?

Between income and expenses, you can see that I am still catching up!  I knew this would take a while to get started and I’m really trying to pace myself so I don’t sign up for too much too fast (again).  I want to deliver quality content and services.

I’m confident that my business will continue to grow in the upcoming months!

Learning: Courses I Plan To Take

I can’t wait to see what July brings!  My business is growing and I’m starting to feel more comfortable with the details of my blog.  Now that I can dedicate more time to my business I am starting to get moving on projects I have been thinking about for quite a while. It feels great!

I am going to keep learning new things in my MBA Marketing classes and hopefully find an Email Marketing solution soon.  

I’m interested in attending FinCon and any Fitness Conferences in the near future.

I anticipate some sort of email marketing course on my to-do list.

Thank You’s: Bloggers That Have Inspired & Supported Me

Big Thank you’s so far go out to the following bloggers for their inspiration and support! (These are just a few!)

Extra Blog News

My alma mater, Purdue featured me in the Entrepreneurship & Innovations Alumni Profile Section which is awesome!  Boiler Up!

I created my Media Kit with some social stats.  I will update my Media Kit stats Monthly.  

Business Goals

  • To have 1 post go live every morning (M-F) at 8:00AM in July
  • Send 5 Pitch Emails Per Day (M-F) in the month of July
  • To attend at least 1 New Business Networking Event in July

Personal Goals

  • To Move to the Beach by July 1, 2017
  • To meet 50 new people next month
  • To find a forever home for my lovely new foster puppy, Lola June by July.

Fitness Goals

  • Recalculate my Macros and Track every day, 7 days per week in July
  • Lift 3 days per week in July
  • WOD 2-3+ days per week in July

Next Report

Check back in August to see how the end of June and July turn out for me!  Thanks for reading.  I wish you all the best 🙂

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