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Here’s a brand I would recommend to you in person or online.  I’m sharing it because I think it’s awesome and you might like it too!  Hope it helps!    

EnviroKlenz: Odor Klenz for Pets, Sports, Laundry, and more!

OdorKlenz SportsToday, I’m sharing with you a game-changer in the odor department. This product, OdorKlenz is great for Pet Uh-Ohs, Sports Gym Bags, and Smelly shoes.

It’s really hard to find products that are safe for pet odors and actually work.  I have tried all kinds of cleaners to freshen up my house and I always have a candle or two going.

There’s better than a clean-air, scent-free smell in your home. It’s comforting.

I had still been on the hunt for something that would clean the scent entirely and safely.  OdorKlenz could be my solution.

Noteworthy Product Details

In my experience so far, the Odor Klenz products are awesome, not only for the scent-free odor fighting abilities, but also because it’s included in a family of cleaning products and cleaning supplies that are:

  • Non toxic
  • Earth-friendly
  • Allergy Decreasing
  • Contain Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

These green cleaning products are safe for your pets, children, and yourself.

Allergy Relief Product

If you are struggling with allergies, you should seriously consider cleaning the air and the spaces around you.

You can mask smells with all sorts of cleaners and candles, but the only way to really clean the air is with an air purifier.  EnviroKlenz, owner of OdorKlenz sells one of the safest air purifiers on the market.

This won’t completely cure your allergies, but it will actually clean the air you’re breathing in rather than just masking the smells.  With clean air, you’re less likely to take in dirt, smoke, pet dander, and dust which are common allergens.

In addition to cleaning the air with an air purifier, you’ll want to try to eliminate spot odors from pets and sports gear.  Here are few products I was able to try for review:

OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo

I tried the Pet Shampoo on my labs in the picture above (Annie & Violet) and it worked great.  They had spent a long (but fun) day swimming in dirty ponds and they smelled absolutely terrible!

Luckily, my pups love taking baths so it was not problem to get them in a bath at home.  The OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo is odor-free.  This product is:

  • Earth-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Acidic
  • Non-Bleaching or Staining
  • Does not contain alcohol or added fragrances

After Annie & Violet’s baths with OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo, their coats were soft and very clean.  I was a happy pup momma!

OdorKlenz Sport: Odor Eliminating Release Bag, Laundry Additive, and Powder

Another product I was excited to try from OdorKlenz were these OdorKlenz Sport products.  I have some really smelly CrossFit gear including a pair of Nano’s that I almost threw away because they smelled so bad.  I dumped in a little bit of the OdorKlenz Sport Powder, gave it a good shake, and the results were favorable.

I look forward to using the Laundry additive next time I do laundry.  I have some workout clothes that just seem to hang on to my previous workout’s scent (not so great).  Hopefully, this product along with the Odor Eliminating Release Bag will fix that problem!

Thanks OdorKlenz!

Thanks OdorKlenz for the opportunity to sample OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo and OdorKlenz Sport Products.  These products should help to keep our home clean and safe!

We appreciate it! -kilah, annie, & violet

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