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Good Morning from Lower Alabama!

I am writing this Monday morning from my new home in Gulf Shores, Alabama! No, I didn’t go MIA on ya’ll- I have just been busy selling everything I have and moving to the beach (details soon to follow)!

I have a lot of exciting updates to share on progress made in the past few weeks while I was away.  I hope you are making steady gainz too and enjoying your summer!


This week’s challenge is a simple one.  We are all busy enjoying sunshine, WOD’s and sporting events!

Join me in a ‘One More Rep’ challenge.

When you think you are done- try for ONE MORE REP.

Run one more lap, row one more calorie, add one more wall ball shot before a break.  Rep out one more squat, one more push press, one more snatch.  Get in one more push-up, one more ab mat sit-up… one more everything.

Trick yourself by going for just ‘one more rep’!  Focus on the immediate work at hand rather than saving up for what may be to come later in the workout.  If you cash out later- so what- do what you can right now.  Right now, you can add one more rep.

This is a “simple” test in discipline and mindset.  You can do it.

Go for one more!

Upcoming this Week:

These are a few posts on the schedule for this week:

  • How I Sold Everything and Moved to the Beach
  • Navigating Madison, Wisconsin
  • Behind the Scenes w the Reebok CrossFit Games Media Team
  • How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget
  • Muscle Weighs More than Fat, But Takes Up Less Space

Have a great Monday everyone!

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