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Today we welcome, Fitness & Business blogger, Sarah from The Fit Niche! In this interview she shares some of her favorite workouts, why she chooses to eat healthy, how she stays motivated, and some fitness business tools and tips! Read more from Sarah here: 

Hello Sarah and welcome!

Can you tell us a little about your fitness journey? (why you started, your favorite workouts, what you do now)

I’ve always been active growing up – playing sports and lifting weights with my dad and brother. In college, I gained the infamous freshman 15 – and then some. Despite still being active, the cafeteria dining and late night calzones caught up to me. For the first time in my life, I started to read, learn, and understand more about how important eating well and moving often is. I went on a “diet” in college and cut out pretty much all breads and sweets. I was hungry all the time, binged now and then because I was totally depriving myself, lost muscle mass, and lacked energy. When I started eating carbs again – because I LOVE bread! – I gained quite a bit of the weight back. I vowed to never go on a “diet” again.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing since then.  Over the past 10 years since college, I have learned to listen to my body, move every day, do active things I actually love (lift weight, play soccer, walk), eat in moderation, not deprive myself, choose healthy options most of the time and enjoy not-so-healthy stuff sometimes.

I received my Group Exercise and Personal Training certifications a few years back and have fallen in love with sharing this passion and helping others every since.  I currently work as the Fitness Director of a private country club, write a blog about the fitness business called, The Fit Niche, run, run a private Facebook group for fitness bloggers, and will be launching my online trianing website soon!  (sarahmichellefitness.com)!

Why do you choose to eat healthy and workout?

I choose to eat healthy and workout because it feels good! I know that I am taking care of my body and fueling it properly so that I can be the best mom – which is my most important job – I can be. When I eat like crap, I feel like crap. Momentum carries momentum and the more you can make healthy choices a regular occurrence, the more natural eating and living healthy will become. The alternatives – getting sick, latching energy, being moody, feeling bad about yourself – is not worth it!

How do you stay motivated?

Knowing that health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a temporary thing, allows me to give myself grace for the days I could have done better. Just because I ate a really heavy meal and a big piece of cake at dinner doesn’t mean I “messed up” or “ruined my diet.”

When we enjoy the things we love every once in a while, we don’t feel deprived and are able to eat in moderation continuously. When we deprive ourselves and go on restrictive diets, we are more likely to binge. Eating in moderation, choosing healthy most of the time, and enjoying the things I love sometimes has allowed me to maintain my weight for the past 7 years or so. One meal or workout doesn’t make or break my day. I don’t obsess over what I eat or my weight. 

Can you share a little with us about why you decided to start a blog and what your blog experience has been like so far?  

I started my first blog – which is no more – about 5 years ago when I was not working full time in the fitness industry. I was a way for me to stay informed and share my passion with others. Over the past few years, I began working full time in fitness and have learned sooo much – about blogging and personal training. I started my new blog (tfniche.com) about a year and a half ago becasue I LOVE learning about the online fitness business and blogging and I wanted to share everything I had learned along the way with other bloggers and fitness professionals just starting out.

How do you network with other fitness bloggers?

Like I mentioned above, I run a private FB Group for health and fitness bloggers and entrepreneurs called Fit Blogging Mastermind

Interested? Come join is! https://www.facebook.com/groups/fitbloggingmastermind/

I used to comment a lot on other fitness blogs, but don’t have as much time for that now. I also run a Fitpreneur Interview series on my blog where I interview other fitness bloggers and entrepreneurs.


Favorite Social Media & Fitness/Business Apps right now?

Facebook groups because I think the engagement is best there!

I don’t really use fitness apps. But I love Canva to create pretty images for my blog and Pinterest. I also like CoScheduler’s Headline Analyzer, the Snapseed app for editing pictures on my phone, and Evernote to access notes all in one place on my phone, iPad or computer. All of these are free, by the way!

Awesome!  Are there any conferences, seminars, or trainings that you highly recommend for fitness bloggers and how could a new fitness blogger opt-in?

I released a free ebook of Blogging Lessons Learned from various health and fitness bloggers around the web. It also includes a round up of over 50 free blogging resources.

I am a big fan of Nicole Culver’s programs for online entrepreneurs and she is actually doing a Blogger Summer Camp in July. You can learn more about her on my blog.

What kind of projects are you currently working on personally or professionally (fitness or business or both)?  

I am working on so many things and am all over the place lately, haha! For one, I am working on a couple different products to help make fitness bloggers and entrepreneurs lives a little easier – those will be offered on my blog, The Fit Niche.

I am also in the process of putting the final touches on a 12-week Get Strong From Home Fitness and Wellness Coaching Program for women and recording the wellness education videos. I have a group of beta testers trying it out, I will then make any adjustments and edits, and plan to launch it at the end of this year, in addition to my online coaching website and services.

And finally, I will be having my second baby in the fall, so just trying to get everything – professionally and our house – in order before then so I don;t have to worry about doing too much other than figuring out how to care of two kids (yikes) and enjoying the holidays at the end of the year!

Thanks Sarah!  You Rock!

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