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4 Scholarship Search Strategies Revealed

Compliments of The Scholarship System LLC

Scholarships are the best way to fund your college experience.  I was able to save over $60,000 in college by securing renewable scholarships.  When my high school counselor presented this ‘free money’ offer to me, I remember questioning- what if my GPA isn’t high enough?  Won’t I waste my time writing essays for something I may not even get?  But I applied anyway.

Lucky I did, because I won a free-ride to Purdue.  Unfortunately, I lost that scholarship after two years for falling behind in classes, which meant I had to take out students loans.  I made it out with only $22k in students loans.

I am still grateful for the two “free” years and wish I would have maintained that scholarship, but I understand the overwhelming frustration of the scholarship search.  If your high school counselor doesn’t hand-feed you the perfect match like mine so graciously did- you could spend hours spinning your wheels for money you may never see.

Luckily, there’s another way!  The Scholarship Program by Jocelyn Paonita can help save you and your child time and LOTS OF MONEY!  Here are 4 scholarship search strategies revealed from the pro:

1. Hard Work Can Win You Scholarship Money

Scholarship searching takes work, but with a solid strategy- you can be more effective and efficient in your search.  Put in the time and dedication and you’ll be very likely to earn the scholarships you need.

The Scholarship System holds a free 45-minute online live training that shows you the exact steps your child needs to take to find hidden scholarships that have less competition. They’ve helped students secure over $624,000 in scholarships, which is kind of crazy.  So I’m sharing this free webinar training with you. 

2. Scholarships are Renewable EVERY YEAR of Undergrad & Beyond

Did you know?  You can renew scholarships every single year of college and beyond!  Why don’t most people pursue them?  It’s likely they forget to look or simply don’t want to take the time and effort to keep applying.

If you file the FAFSA every year, you should do yourself a favor and apply for scholarships too.  This includes graduate school and beyond.  When I returned to school as a graduate I just took the financial aid in forms of loans.  In just two and a half years of graduate school to ‘transition to teaching’ my $22k quickly turned to $40k in student loans.  I’m kicking myself.

I guess I didn’t realize that scholarships would be available for grad students.  I thought that was a high school thing.  Sure, I’ve heard of FastWeb, but to me that’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Instead, I justified my decision with the hope of things like the public service forgiveness program.  It all sounds great but you have to make 120 qualifying payments which is 10 years of service and quite honestly my salary doesn’t cover my current living expenses let alone student loan payments.  I wish I would have known I could have applied for a scholarship.  [Insert sad violins].

3. Winning Scholarships Become Easier Once You Know What to Do

Everything is better with a system.  Once you learn the system, winning will be easier – and much more fun – for you and your child.  Don’t get frustrated, distracted, and unmotivated by operating without a system.

Choosing a random scholarship to pour your heart and soul into- then finding out it’s not a good fit can be beyond frustrating.

Let the Scholarship Program teach you a winning system.

4. Refund Checks Exist for Some Scholarships

So you earned enough money to cover tuition?!  That’s great.  What about books, housing, transportation, printing fees, and miscellaneous expenses?

Some scholarships issue refund checks directly into your checking account if more money is earned than is needed for tuition.  The scholarship money should be used for school-related purchases, but the cash form allows you some extra freedom in your spending.

I was issued refund checks every single semester of college.  The difference is that I have to pay back those ‘refund checks’ because they were taken out in the form of a loan.  If I were able to secure a scholarship that was above my tuition amount, I would not have had to pay those monies back.   (Palm to forehead).

Want to Learn More?

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Good luck in your scholarship search.  You can do this!

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